Making Ice Cubes is Passe

Alf and I went to the home improvement store today searching for ice cube trays. You know, to make ice cubes in. The kind you bend and shake in order for the ice cubes to break loose so you can cool your drink.

We walked in, headed for the refrigerator section, and checked the shelves. They weren’t there.

We looked in the housewares area. None there either.

Our third attempt was in the pool section. Crazy, but hey, we were growing desperate.

No luck.

So we asked a sales clerk.

“Nope, we don’t sell them.”

So Alf and I bought a new toilet instead.

It may not make ice cubes, but at least they haven’t discontinued those.

Calvin says, “You forgot to look in the garden section. You’ll find them filled with dirt with little green things growing out of them.”

8 thoughts on “Making Ice Cubes is Passe

    1. Have you tried finding ice cube trays lately? They don’t make them anymore because of the refrigerators that have built-in ice makers now. Very frustrating! Thanks for your visit and your comment! – rita

  1. Buying a toilet seat instead of ice cube trays… good choice.

    We still have ice cube trays here in Europe because only well suited middle class former yuppis now happy family folks have these oversized frigdes with built-in features. 🙂

    1. Same here in the U.S. That’s why ice trays are no longer available – everybody’s buying the refrigerator with the built-in ice maker. What’s this world coming to? 🙂 – rita

  2. Yes, it’s sad you can’t find ice trays for sale, that’s why I carry the same trays with me every time I move. I’m hangin’ onto them! Ha, ha! Hey, maybe you can order some from Europe?

  3. I’m afraid that ice trays have gone the way of the dodo bird…I was cleaning out some cabinets and found the one that came with the fridge. They only gave us one, and that was frustrating, so we buy bagged ice when we have guests. With our old house, getting an automatic ice maker was an invitation for trouble!

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