Yep, They All Do It

We dog-sat for a friend while she traveled to Europe to visit family.

Fergus is a red-haired terrier with liquid brown eyes and the softest, longest eye lashes you’ve ever seen.

He moved in and made himself at home right away.

First thing we did was announce the couches were off limits. Then we told him he couldn’t bark and disturb the neighbors. Third, he needed to understand he couldn’t beg for food.

In two days’ time he was begging for food, barking at the squirrels, and making attempts at curling up on the couch.

He also chased squirrels across the back yard, up the trees, and along the fence line. He spent hours sitting at tree-trunk level looking up while the squirrels looked down smirking at him.

He sniffed for moles.

He dug holes in the vegetable patch.  Fergus

One morning Alf brought him home after a long walk reeking of poo. Yep. He had rolled in it.

We researched online how to get rid of the stench.

We shampooed him in hydrogen peroxide and baking soda and a few drop of liquid soap. I used dish detergent. Since it was good for cutting grease, I figured it had to work on this wretched smell.

Alf held Fergus down in the backyard while I scrubbed and rinsed him.

The recipe worked.

He turned into a sweet smelling red-hair again.

It was a cold day so I tried drying him with a hair dryer but he freaked. So he dried off in the sun.

He’s back to chasing squirrels, and begging for food. He’s given up on the couches.

Calvin says, “Haha! And you thought only beagles rolled in poo. See? It’s delicious behavior shared by all breeds.”  beagle

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