We Did It, But We Didn’t

Yesterday I watched the US vs Belgium soccer game.

It was intense.

For the full 90 minutes neither team scored, but they did a massive amount of running across the field.

Belgium had more shots on goal than we did, but because of Tim Howard’s talent, our goalie, we blocked all the balls.

Then came overtime…   US Soccer team

That’s when it unraveled.

Both teams were exhausted, but nevertheless they rallied for a last ditch effort and with it came the goals.

Things ended up 2-1 in favor of Belgium.

So we’re out, they’re in.

However, I must say this time our US team did an outstanding job of playing.

They’re coming into their own. They looked like a soccer team and played like one.

That’s huge for a country that’s obsessed with the other two ball games.

Most of the matches at this World Cup have been played well and have been entertaining.

And it’s been good that our US team has joined that league.

Calvin says, “It just took them 20 years of practice.”  beagle









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