And the Theme Continues

The older I get the same themes in my life keep coming around. Maybe it’s because there aren’t any new themes out there anymore. They’re all used up. Like going to the party store hoping to find new colors and designs and coming home with pink and yellow again.

My neighbors are from India and they tried very hard to get into the spirit of Christmas this year. The ones across the street draped the front of the house with strings of lights from the eaves and bushes. They also inflated several snowmen that lit up at night. They still haven’t taken them down. They must be on a timer because promptly at 6 pm the lights come on and the snowmen stand at attention with smiles on their faces.

Why am I mentioning this? Because I’ve lived in the same neighborhood for forty years and have seen different people groups come and go. When we moved in most of the neighbors were Portuguese. Then they were Asian. Now they’re Indian. And every one of them were bitten by the Christmas bug. But nothing beat the Portuguese. One neighbor was the master decorator with reindeer, Santa, sleighs, trees, and magic stars over the roof. We waited every year for the unveiling, which was at the end of the street so no one could escape his display.

Themes come and go. Traditions too based on the culture. Ours are especially commercial. Everyone gets infected the longer they stay here. If I lived in Mexico I’d be drinking Mexican hot chocolate and marching in a procession to the Church. No Santas allowed.

Calvin says, “Good grief! What made you so broody today? Maybe it was what you ate for dinner last night. Speaking of which, are you going to give me those leftovers I saw you store in the fridge? You can skip the hot chocolate.”

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